Monday, November 3, 2008

Maddux Leaves Brewers For Rangers, Mustache Enthusiasts All Over Wisconsin Weep

Next season at Miller Park when the home teams pitching coach goes to the mound for a visit there will not be the stroking of a perfectly, fully groomed, well colored mustache. And if there is, it will not be Mike Maddux's. The highly thought of Brewers pitching coach has signed a deal to be the pitching coach for the Texas Rangers. Mike's deal with the Brewers expired Friday and while Doug Melvin tried to keep Mike on the staff the Rangers offered more money and Maddux took it. It is a shame to see Mike go, not only for his fantastic mustache and the fact that his brother Greg is one of the greatest pitchers ever but because he was a great pitching coach. Taking guys like Dan Kolb, Derrick Turnbow, Matt Wise and Seth McClung and making them into something when they were nothing. According to our friend Tom Haudricourt of the Journal Sentinel Chuck Hernandez who was dismissed from the Tigers after this past season is the front runner. But the Brewers will also look at their own bullpen coach Bill Castro who has held that post for 17 years. A couple other names brought up by our friend Justin at Justin's Brewers Blog were Rick Peterson who worked with Macha in Oakland and the great Leo Mazzone who coached greats like Maddux (Greg), Smoltz and Glavine in Atlanta.


Justin said...

I don't know what the appeal is in Texas. Padilla? McCarthy? Unless the Rangers spend big money this offseason (which might happen) this is clearly a deal based on dollars. I hope Mike doesn't regret it in the future.

Anonymous said... about the Rangers since your comment??? I think Mike made the wise decision!