Friday, November 14, 2008

A Sad Day In The Blog World

Yesterday Thursday November 13th, 2008 one of the best sports blogs was posted on for the last time. Fire Joe Morgan is no more. The blog dedicated to bad sports journalism and baseball statistics with a comedic twist will remain up with all the archives for us loyal readers. I have to say this sucks, this is one of the blogs I have read religiously for a few years now and it is sad to see it go, hell it is part of the inspiration for me wanting to have my own blog. It was written by a group of friends who are all comedy writers living in California. One of whom is Michael Schur (posted on FJM as "Ken Tremendous") who I have a great deal of respect for because he writes for my favorite TV "The Office" and he plays Cousin Moes on the show. Best of luck in the comedy world to all the guys at FJM and I hope they know we will all miss their snarky blogs about nerdy baseball stats and Bill Plaschke. I think in honor of the blog coming to an end I may have to order one of their t-shirts.

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