Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Second Thoughts On CC

As much as I love, admire and will never forget the time CC Sabathia spent as a member of the Milwaukee Brewers for one magical half of a summer in 2008. I'm starting to think re-signing him would be a mistake. Now I doubt he will take the rumored 5 year $100 mill contract that Doug Melvin has offered him anyway. But when you think about for a team that will probably have a payroll in 2009 around the $90 mill range, it's hard to get missing pieces when $20 mill of that payroll is wrapped up in one player, a pitcher at that who only plays once every five days. Because of this I'm starting to hope that it's true that the Yankees will offer CC a contract HIGHER then the 6 year $137.5 mill that Johan Santana got from the Mets. Don't get me wrong, if Sabathia for some reason is a trend setter and becomes the first player to leave money on the table to stay somewhere he really likes, so be it. It would be hard to complain, but in the best interest of the club and with the other needs we have such as a closer, 3B, maybe 2B and bench help it would be better to not re-sign CC. It's just the life a medium market ball club lives.

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Justin said...

It's nice to see some people finally starting to think rationally. I just think a good innings eater, like a Jon Garland, can be had for somewhere in the 10-12 million dollar range. There are a lot of needs the Brewers can address with that extra 8-10 mil, like a closer. Brian Fuentes is probably going to be valued somewhere in that range. So for the money they'd be spending on one player, they could more than adequately address two big needs.