Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Reader Poll Results Part "Deux"

Well I can clearly see the readership of this blog is no where near where I wish it was. In our second ever reader poll I only got a booming seven total votes. Ah well, we will get there. We asked who you would want as closer in 2009 for the Crew. Survey says?!

Seth McClung: 42% (3 votes)
Sign A Free Agent Closer: 28% (2 votes)
Carlos Villanueva: 14% (1 votes)
Trade For A Closer: 14% (1 vote)
Todd Coffey: 0% (0 votes)

Well out of those seven big votes the big red head Seth McClung got three. Had I voted in my own poll I to would have voted for McClung. Of course I have already made my man crush and want for Seth to be the closer in 2009 known in an earlier post. He has all the things you look for in a closer and he is a hell of a lot cheaper then spending big money on a free agent closer. We did that last year and saw how well it worked (shitty). I wouldn't be super pissed if they went and signed K-Rod, Fuentes or Wood. I just think they could spend that money elsewhere on more pressing needs like say 3B, starting pitching and maybe 2B if Weeks is moved. We shall see what Mr. Melvin has up his sleeve. Reader poll number three is up, please check it out.

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