Saturday, November 15, 2008

Screw You Hank Steinbrenner, Screw You!

"I'm starting to become very optimistic. I think it’s going to be mutually beneficial to us and for these particular players (Sabathia, Lowe and Burnett) that we’re after for them to join the Yankees.”

Those would be the words out of the mouth of a man who has been fed with a silver spoon his entire life and now thinks because the Yankees have all the money in the world that it is "beneficial" for players to come play for them. Get over yourself Hank. How has that $200 mill+ payroll been working for you? Let's see, last year your team couldn't even make the playoffs and even with all that talent and high priced players have not been to a World Series since 2003 and not won one since 2000. So tell me Hank, how is it beneficial for players to come play for a team who honestly is no better then any other team in MLB? Because you have history? Because you have a new stadium? Because your uniforms have pinstripes? Is it some kind of baseball honor and privilege to wear a uniform of the New York Yankees? No, that my friends is bullshit. It is kind of sick and disgusting that you can throw money around the way you do and sign all three of the top free agent pitchers in one offseason. Sure, you will probably do it but will it really help you? It sure hasn't helped as of late. And I have to agree with our GM Doug Melvin, why would you offer CC Sabathia $140 mill when the speculated Brewers offer was only $100 mill? Talk about overpaying because you are a spoiled brat, that is just outrageous. As much as I love CC I hope him as well as Lowe and Burnett sign with you and I hope once again the Rays and Red Sox whoop your teams ass and you find yourself once again on the outside looking in during October in 2009. Then what will your excuse be? This past season it was that your team played in a good division and had you played in the NL West you would have made the playoffs. Well Hank, you play in the AL East. So if you sign all these big money free agents who it will be "beneficial" to be Yankees and you fail to make the playoffs again, what could your excuse possibly be? I can't wait to hear it.

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