Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Brewers Have Their 2009 Closer And He Is The All-Time Saves Leader

It became official today (pending a physical of course) but the Brewers have signed the all-time saves leader and future HOF Trevor Hoffman (554 saves) to a 1 year deal worth $6 mill with another $1.5 mill in incentives. I think it's a great deal for the Brewers. They fill their closer needs with the best ever. Sure he has just turned 41 but had been very good still the last few years. I expect good things from Hoffman in 09'. I think he will be better then Gagne or Torres was in 08'. It came down to the Dodgers or the Brewers for Hoffman and he chose to leave the west coast where he calls home and played in San Diego for 16 years to come to the heart of the Midwest. Bottom line, the Brewers made the bigger push. Manager Ken Macha, trainer Roger Caplinger and players Mike Cameron and Jason Kendall all contacted Hoffman about coming to Milwaukee. Just awesome, the Brewers will have a presser once Hoffman passes the physical which should not be a problem. I heard in various interviews on the radio today with baseball media that Hoffman keeps himself in top physical condition, a work out freak.

I can't wait the first time I'm at Miller Park this season and I get to hear AC/DC's "Hells Bells" as Hoffman the future HOF walks out of the bullpen in a Brewers uniform to shut down another team. It is going to be fantastic. Now Doug Melvin if you wouldn't mind, go sign a starting pitcher like Ben Sheets, Jon Garland or Braden Looper. Thanks Doug, we appreciate it.


Justin said...

Great signing, bringing the Brewers one step closer to creating the buzz Milwaukee fans need to show up in force once again in 2009. I've been saying Jon Garland should be their target for a while now and Sheets or Looper would be solid as well. But I don't see why the Brewers couldn't land Andy Pettitte. Obviously things have soured between Andy and the Yankees and why give 11-13 million to Sheets when Pettitte has got a better track record for both winning and staying healthy. Just a thought.

JD said...

Personally I would rather go with Sheets then Pettitte. Just my preference. I have never been a big Pettitte guy, good pitcher but I think Sheets has much better stuff.