Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Brewers Bench Needs Some "Muscle" As In Russell "The Muscle"

.373 AVG 11 HR 33 RBI's, .716 SLG .451 OBP, 1.167 OPS

Those numbers above would be the season stats thus far for 3B Russell Branyan in AAA Nashville. Now Branyan has been quite the journeymen over the course of his career and I sure wouldn't expect him to put up those kind of numbers in the big leagues since he never really has and I wouldn't want him starting everyday. But what Branyan has always brought to the table is the ability to hit the long ball, slug a high percentage and walk a lot giving him a high on base percentage. He won't ever hit for a high average and he does strikeout a lot. But with the way Bill Hall has hit against righties this season and our black hole known as power from the left side off the bench why not call Branyan up? That way you have a guy to bring off the bench late in the game who can poke one out and can give Hall a day off once in awhile against a tough RHP. If they call Branyan up you send Tony Gwynn down. Bottomline is although Gwynn can give you some speed as a pinch runner and plays a good CF he just can't hit. He is an okay left handed slap hitter but we already have one of those on our bench back up infielder Craig Counsell. Another reason we don't need Gwynn is we have two other backup OF's on the roser Gabe Kapler and Joe Dillon. I hope at some point soon GM Doug Melvin realizes this as well and we get to see Russ in a Brewers uniform once again. Branyan is a huge fan favorite at where he is known as 3TO (three true basbeall outcomes: HR, K, BB) and who could forget his 2-HR game on Opening Day at Miller Park in 2005?

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