Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How About Something Positive; "Cam"

There sure has been a lot of negative things to comment about over the last week for the Brewers. But let me take the time right now to talk about something positive. The play of Mike Cameron in his first 6 games as a Brewer since coming off that 25 game suspension. "Cam" in those 6 games is batting .269 with 3 HR's, 7 RBI's, .367 OBP, .654 SLG which is an OPS of 1.021. Those are pretty damn good numbers. Granted it's a small sample size but it pretty much is the kind of production Cameron should be able to give the Brewers, probably not that great of production every 6 games but close. I don't and haven't expected Cameron to be some kind of a life savior for this teams offense but I do expect him to put up decent offensive numbers as far as HR, RBI and OBP are concerned. He has never been a high average guy and he does strike out quite a bit. But if he can continue to sock some out of the park, get on base and play gold glove CF which we all know he will, he will be worth the contract they gave him this off-season. Hopefully starting tonight in Florida Cameron and Hart continue to hit (since they are the only ones doing so) and some of the other bats wake up so we can string some victories together and stay right near or at the top of this division.

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Luke O. said...

all i have to say is.....GO BREWERS!!!