Friday, May 23, 2008

Why I Love The FSN Baseball Report And Best Damn Sports Show Period

Well there are many reasons why I'm such a big fan of both of those Fox Sports produced shows. But probably #1 would be the lady on the left, Charissa Thompson. Not only does she have intelligent takes on sports and conducts very good interviews, but my goodness is she a looker! In a baseball and sports media world in general with awful female broadcasters who either suck and don't look good or look good but suck, it is refreshing to find one who is knowledgeable and enjoyable to look at. Charissa will also add another show to her resume as she will do some work for the NFL on Fox Sundays this fall/winter. But to me she will always be the sexy sidekick to Tom Helmer on FSN's Baseball Report which airs Friday nights (usually before the Brewers pre-game show). You can catch her on Best Damn weeknights at 11. Trust me they are both worth watching for A. Sports content and B. Charissa, just hope she wears the librarian style glasses. Extra hot! And while I enjoy Trenni Kusnierek as the Brewers dugout reporter, I would trade her in a second for Charissa who did that same job for the Colorado Rockies.

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