Friday, May 9, 2008

WSSP Sports Radio AM 1250's Steve "Sparky" Fifer On Sleep Strike

Steve "Sparky" Fifer who hosts "Sparky's Mid-Day Madness" on 1250 in Milwaukee as well as co-host with Tim Allen on their "Usingers Baseball Post Game Show" after each Brewers game is on a sleep strike until the Brewers losing streak ends. He is currently in hour 55 of the strike. Last night Fox 6 news in Milwaukee did a piece on it. Which you can view below. Big props to Sparky for doing this since many feel his playing of "Celebration" the day Turnbow was DFA on his show was what put the Brewers into this mess before the Houston series. I think it will be at least another day since tonight the Brewers bust out the very overrated 82' Retro Uni's as they do every Friday and they don't play well when they wear them, don't know what their record is when they wear them since they brought them back in 2006 but I know it is well under .500.

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