Monday, May 5, 2008

Thank God For An Off Day

If there is one thing the Brewers and myself for that matter needed today it's an off day with no game. After getting swept in Houston by the Astros, when two of the three games were in hand by the Brewers and they gave them away, nothing feels better then a day off from watching the team. Yesterday's loss was probably the hardest to take of the three this weekend. They had a 6-2 lead after the 4th inning but failed to score in the final 8 innings of a game that went into extra innings. Eric Gagne blew his 5th save of the season, but in all honesty it should have been his 10th save of the season. I hate to blame the umpires for losses but today and actually for a lot of the season the Brewers have been fucked by the umpires. There were probably 3-4 pitches thrown by Gagne that should have been called strikes but Gagne was squeezed by the umpire, these are pitches that would have turned those at bats into outs. Then there was the grounder hit by Geoff Blum to Weeks who made a FANTASTIC play ranging to his left turned and threw to Fielder and it appeared he beat the runner by a half step and the ump called Blum safe. So once again Gagne had to record 4 or 5 outs in an inning, but by that time the Astros has tied the game. Although many are ready to chastise Gagne for the five blown saves, once again hate to make excuses but he has run into some bad luck in 3 out of 5 of those blown saves. Two of those are definitely on him, but overall he has made good pitches this season.

The Brewers start their three game series with the Marlins in Florida tomorrow. If we ever needed a sweep it would be now, but I would be rather pleased taking 2 out of 3. Anything less then that and we are in some serious trouble because St. Louis and Chicago both seem to be playing good baseball. A couple positives are that Corey Hart and Mike Cameron both seem to be hitting the ball well right now. Hart has his average now at .310 and Cameron in his first 6 games of the season has 3 HR's and 7 RBI's. Now if we can just get Braun and Fielder to hit consistently and Weeks and Hardy to hit AT ALL, we might turn this ship around. Cross your fingers.

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